With a proud history spanning over three decades, Dip Products Katuwawala (Pvt) Ltd has gained great recognition in local and international markets as a leading chemicals based product manufacturer. The founder of Dip Products, Mr. Thusitha Jayawardena has steered the company to great heights since 1984.

Starting as an Adhesives manufacturer in Sri Lanka, the company has diversified its products into four main categories: DIPFIX Adhesives, DIPOL Detergents, DIP Textile Fabric Softener and DIP Bio Degradable plastic pallets.

Board of Directors:

Thusitha Jayawardena
Chairman/ Managing Director

Keshan Jayawardena
Director/ Business Development Manager

Umanga Jayawardena
Director/ Financial Controller

Our Vision: To become the most outstanding manufacturers & distributors of chemicals based products in Sri Lanka.

We are constantly enhancing our products to deliver more intense, rewarding product experiences to our valued customers. We also believe that conducting business in a responsible way has a positive social impact.