DIPFIX Adhesives

DIPFIX adhesives have gained great recognition in past three decades as a reliable adhesives manufacturer in Sri Lanka focusing on Packaging industry, corrugated advertisement carton pasting, Printing & laminating industry, Wood pasting and many more.

Product Name Usage Purpose
DIPFIX PVA W/T For Book Binding, Fabric pasting, Corrugated Box pasting and general purposes
DIPFIX PVA W/T K PVA W/T with more solids and bonding power
DIPFIX BP 30/40 For Bottle Labeling purposes and as a stationary glue
DIPFIX 21215 A/F One Side – Laminating Gum
DIPFIX 200 A/F Double Side – Laminating Gum
DIPFIX WAX EMULSION A Water Repellent coating
C GUM For general stationary purposes
TH 002/003/004 Used for Craft Paper pasting, Corrugated Industry, Laminating Glue for Value Added Boxes
Starch (L)/(W) Starch based Adhesive used for pasting Labels
Rosin Gum Rosin based Adhesive. Used in Paper Industry for paper sizing


Industrial Technology Institute – SLS 869: 1989 Standard – Confirming Food Grade standards.