DIPFIX Adhesives

DIPFIX adhesives are used in multiple industries such as garments, corrugated box plants, food & beverage industry, FMCG from mass scale exporters to small-medium manufacturers in Sri Lanka.

DIPFIX adhesives are manufactured at a dedicated production facility using only the best quality imported raw materials. From product manufacturing to delivery, each product is supervised and tested in our in-house laboratory. For further assurance, especially to ensure that it is free from heavy metal chemicals and formaldehyde, our products are tested by ITI (Industrial Technology Institute) which is a recognized independent & renowned third party laboratory in Sri Lanka.

DIPFIX application on carton/box manufacturing

Flute Glue: For a product like innerwear cartons (Ex. – Tommy Hilfiger underwear), the printed board is pasted on a flute board typically using a machine with a glue bath and applied through a roller. Flute glue is a strong bonding adhesive which can be ‘tear tested’ (tore up the two sheets) only after few minutes from application.

Side Pasting Glue: Box side pasting is another essential glue application where most adhesives find trouble with. DIPFIX side pasting glue is the best solution for a strong and fast pasting production line. We have different products for matt and laminated surfaces and the both sides will come torn apart after its short healing time.

Window Glue: Specially in undergarment boxes we find these windows to look through the packaging. This adhesive is very advance since the windows are very unlikely to bond with the carton. DIPFIX laminating glues are specially engineered to be compatible with such applications.


RFID Tags: Mostly in branded garments such as Victoria’s Secret, these RFID tags are used for authentication purposes. Tags like wet inlays are pasted in a special board where DIPFIX has formulated a special adhesive to be compatible with RFID tags.

DIPFIX application on corrugated boxes

Dextrin adhesives: Starch converted into an industrial adhesive with strong bonding properties and fast drying capability. This product is eco friendly and very popular in the corrugated industry as the laminating adhesive where it paste the advertisement on the box. This adhesive gives an excellent outcome with very low visibility of the flute lines on the advertisement and fast drying to improve the production outcome.

Our dextrin adhesives “TH 002, TH 003 and TH 020” are very cost effective and trusted adhesives available in the market catering to a number of exporters and local manufactures for nearly two decades in Sri Lanka.

TH 002 Low-Medium viscosity adhesive most suitable for average speed manual pasting machines.
TH 003 Medium-High viscosity adhesive most suitable for fast and automatic pasting machines or even lower.
TH 020 High viscosity adhesive most suitable for hand and machine application to paste box sides.

DIPFIX on corrugated boxes

DIPFIX application on glass bottles, tin & plastic

BP Adhesives: DIPFIX BP range is based on polyvinyl alcohol which is odorless and non-toxic. Its transparent appearance is most suitable for pasting labels on glass and plastic products. Polyvinyl alcohol adhesives are also recommended for the label pasting machines in tin products.

Applicable on – Beverage bottles such as glass alcohol bottles, fruit or carbonated soft drink bottles, plastic and glass sauce bottles, tin food label pasting, plastic PET water bottles and etc.

BP 30 Medium viscosity clear adhesive, applicable for hand and machine pasting.
BP 40 High viscosity clear adhesive, applicable for machine pasting.

This non toxic adhesives are used in paper straws and tubes for an eco-friendly and consumer friendly finish.

DIPFIX on glass, tin & plastic