With constant market research and product innovations, Dipol detergents has borne a long way from the ordinary household products which are available in the market. As a bulk quantity manufacturer we cater to bulk uses such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factory and office uses, cleaning contractors and etc. As much as B2B market segment, we are strong in catering to the retail market in large quantities as a contract manufacturer for two of the leading supermarket chains in Sri Lanka.

Dipol detergents are mainly categorized as follows,

Kitchen and Household

All types of home and kitchen detergents such as dish wash, dish washer rinsing Ad, counter top disinfectant, oven cleaner, hand wash, air fresheners, toilet bowl cleaners, disinfectants, glass cleaner, stainless-steel polish, floor cleaners, carper shampoo and etc.

Laundry chemicals

Professional and home laundry detergents are one of our high demanded segments. Products such as laundry detergents, fabric softener, bleaching agents and enzyme chemicals are even customized according to the clients requirements.

Car care products

At Dip Products we take care care very seriously. Our care care range is specially formulated bring out showroom condition to your prestige vehicles with a product range such as car wash shampoo, engine degreaser, tire shine polish, windscreen fluid, plastic and leather polish and etc.

Car care

Quality Assurance

As professional detergents manufacturer in Sri Lanka for nearly 40 years, at Dip Products we assure to provide constant high quality products to our customers. For both bulk and retail products Dipol brand represents high quality and flexible services. All our products are manufactured in a sealed manufacturing facility and carefully packed in a dedicated packing area. From product manufacturing to delivery of the final product, each product is supervised and tested in our inhouse laboratory. In order to assure our product quality especially as environmental friendly products free frorn heavy metal chemicals and formaldehyde, our products are tested by the following recognized independent 8, renowned third party laboratories.

Bureau Veritas SGS Lanka Pvt Ltd ITI (Industrial Technology Institute)
Bureau Veritas SGS ITI


As previously mentioned, Dipol detergents are constantly upgrading its products to match market requirements and trends. Including the common detergents such as hand wash and dish wash are even customized according to the clients requirement. Fragrances we use are IFRA certified and from the world’s top fragrance houses available in variant options which are available to our clients to choose from. DIP Products Katuwawala Pvt Ltd has introduced couple of innovative products as follows to make your day-today household work so much easier!

Iron Buddy

Iron Buddy – easy iron starch spray Ironing made simpler and easier. Just spray onto stubborn clothes to loosen the tension between the threads and iron easily.

Waterless Wash & Wax

Waterless Wash and Wax – wash & wax your vehicle without a drop of water and shampoo! Specially formulated solution containing emulsifier and carnauba wax to eliminate dirt and leave a polish without scratching your vehicle. Simply spray and wipe with a microfiber towel.

Garbage Deodorizer

Garbage Bin Deodorizer – get rid of the disgusting smell of your garbage by spraying  this solution to the bin before and each time you put food waste in it. Eliminates bad  odors for longer hours!

Contract Manufacturing & Private Labelling

DIP Products Katuwawala Pvt Ltd has collaborated with two leading supermarket chains as their contract manufacturer for detergents products under its brand name. With over years of experience in private labelling for market giants, we are matured in supplying large quantities for the retail market.


Arpico Family Brand

Arpico is one of the oldest and reliable supermarkets in Sri Lanka having over 20 locations island wide. Arpico Super Centre simply known as Arpico is a chain of superrnarkets which is also regarded as a departmental store is owned by Richard Pieris 8 Company. Under their can brand name “ARPICO FAMILY” they are strongly competing with other international brands mainly in collaboration with contract manufacturers such as Dip Products Katuwawala Pvt Ltd in their detergents category.
DIP Products Katuwawala Pvt Ltd is supplying over 15 items to Arpico Family such as hand wash (with unique aromas like cinnamon, lemongrass, cucumber), liquid laundry detergent, aching powder, fabric softener, garbage bin deodorizer, drain cleaner, air fresheners (cinnamon, lemongrass and citronella), hand sanitizes & etc.


Keells K Choice

Keells is the second largest supermarket chain in Sri Lanka considering the number of locations over 128 around the island. Owned by John Keells Holdings. Brand Finance named Keells Super the most valuable supermarket brand in 2019. KEELLS brand is the latest venture of Dip Products currently supplying two products under the supermarket giant. Keells has joined ha. with DIP Products Katuwawala Pvt Ltd to private label the 500g washing powder and the 1Kg washing powder products in their laundry detergents segment. Further products are currently under negotiations.